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 The meet-your-friends section

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The meet-your-friends section Empty
PostSubject: The meet-your-friends section   The meet-your-friends section EmptySat Jan 10, 2009 11:00 am

This topic is a place for meeting with friends.
Post your FC, entrance price, people that may not go in, Nookies upgrade, your fruit, when you're on and eventually the time in your town.

To make it easier:

Town name:
Entrance fee:
Nook's upgrade:
My fruit:
When am I on:
(Time in your town):

Just fill this in, and when at least 2 people filled this in, you maybe can connect to each other via PM.

I know there's such a topic yet, but I make it more detailed. I also think I'm not allowed to edit Dr. Shrunk's post, and he first needs all of this information.
This is just a more detailed one, and you don't need to post it.

When you want to meet someone:

My FC:
Town name:
When I am online:

Just a simplified version.

Meeting list


FC: 1848-6181-2803
Town name: Conyers
Entrance fee: -
Nook's upgrade: Nookingtons
My fruit: All except for oranges.
Banned: -
When am I on: A bit during the day and at night


FC: 0345-3662-8037
Town name: Kyro
Entrance fee: -
Nook's upgrade: Nookingtons
My fruit: All Fruit.
Banned: -
When am I on: Random times.

People who want to meet someone

None yet

And now... POST AWAY!

The meet-your-friends section Neighborzo1
I make such trainer cards also on requests!

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The meet-your-friends section
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