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 ~A guide on how to submit guides~

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~A guide on how to submit guides~ Empty
PostSubject: ~A guide on how to submit guides~   ~A guide on how to submit guides~ EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 4:01 pm

If your reading this, I guess it means you want to make a guide, and thats fantastic, but you must follow these guidelines:

1. Make it long - It's a guide, not an answer to a question, so make it long.

2. Use correct grammar - Please do not use slang or jargon in the guides. The guides should be targeted for readers of all ages. Keep your words simple but not vague(not descriptive enough), and if there is a word you think someone might not know then put parentheses around it.

3. Keep it strictly facts and opinions - Don't talk about anything other than what the guide is about.

Once you feel you have a good guide and you've followed the guidelines, please either send it to me through Windows Live Messenger(MSN), PM me, or send an email to animalcrossingkingdom@live.com, and if I accept it I will post it as soon as possible. If I do not accept it, I will tell you what's wrong with the guide and how to fix it, so you can resubmit it. Thank you for your intrest in helping the Animal Cross Kingdom by submitting a guide.
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~A guide on how to submit guides~
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