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 The Animal Crossing Kingdom Law

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~The Creator~
~The Creator~

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PostSubject: The Animal Crossing Kingdom Law   The Animal Crossing Kingdom Law EmptyFri Dec 26, 2008 4:11 pm

These are the rules that you agreed to follow when you signed up for the website. This is a reminder, so look back at these rules in case you forget.

Respect each other - Nobody likes being disrespected, and it will only make people want to mess up your town, so please be respectful.

Don't double post
- If you have something else to add, simply edit your post, that's why it's there =).

Don't underpost - Why would you join a forum that you don't participate in? If your going to leave the forum for any reason please inform me so I can remove your name from the memberlist. Also, after 30 days of no account activity, your account will be deleted. However, if you inform me that you are going out of town for a long time and will return, I can make an exception.

Don't spam nonsense, stay on topic
- Just don't spam, you can post as much as you want, as long as its helpful, but don't just spam nonsense. Stay on topic.

Thanks for reading the rules, it means you really do care about the Animal Crossing Kingdom, and I thank you. Smile
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The Animal Crossing Kingdom Law
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